How Millionaires Schedule the Day – Brendon Burchard on Productivity

I have been using Brendan’s productivity planner for the last month or so – this is really helped me get more things done ( and the most important things  )

For me I love to start the day right these are the steps I do everyday

1) upon waking 30 minutes meditations

2) Super food smoothie

3) warm lemon juice to detox

4) Few supplements royal

5) high quality power breakfast

6) Relax with green tea while scheduling my day. Visualising the prefect outcome

7) Head to much desk & do the most important things first.

8) 50 minutes timer to have a 10 minute break –  little Yoga

9) repeat 50 minutes work

10) All done ready for lunch !

11) Head to the Gym do some weights – then cardio with ipod to listen to audio books

This works for me but always trying to refine it.

Do you have any system that thats been working for you – please let me know in the comments section below.



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