Tribute to Jim Rohn The Art of Exceptional Living

This is a excellent tribute to Jim Rohn – my first mentor & still my favorite. I remember 20 plus years ago I was very fortunate to sit right next to him at a birthday party ! Picked his brains & got to ask him a few questions I had at the time.

They call him the mentor to millionaires – but for me goes much deeper, its about the basics of living life exceptionally well. Ranges from bringing our kids up, self discipline, mixing with the right people, health & so much more.

My book shelf is loaded with probably every book Jim has written and also most if not all his audio books. I remember him saying rich people have big libraries & poor people have big TV’s, this could be one of the main things that changed the direction my life. Jim Rohn is the one that got me to love reading books of substance. He changed my thought pattern that lead me to take action, lead me attract great people to life – many that are my best friends today.

If you get 10% of what I got from Jims teachings I am sure your life can start to change for the better.

Please take a look at the video below & leave your comments – would love to know what you think !

Watch the full 1.57 minute Jim Rohn official Tribute video here 


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